Why MBA? – 5 Reasons To Pursue an MBA Degree

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Getting an MBA degree can have a number of expected and unexpected benefits in your life. In most cases, the benefits will go well beyond just the career growth and often apply to your non-work life as well. So if you’re on the fence thinking about pursuing an MBA or need to know how an MBA helps you in your career, this is the article for you. This is written keeping top-rated global MBA programs in mind that value diversity in the class.

Why MBA : Top 5 benefits of an MBA

1. You discover yourself

Everyone has a different reason for pursuing MBA and that’s the beauty of this academic degree. Your answer to “Why MBA” would be entirely personal. Once you’re in the class, you’ll meet students who all come from different academic and professional backgrounds to the MBA program. Everyone has a unique path and journey towards the program.

You’ll find motivated individuals who carry the common desire to create a better version of themselves throughout the program. An MBA is an investment that gives returns on both the personal and professional front. Once you finish the MBA, you would be better prepared to lead people and handle ambiguity throughout your career.

Enrolling in an MBA program allows you to take time away from work-life and gives you a chance to immerse yourself in accelerated learning environment. It’s an investment in self-discovery and reflection. The time you spend in the MBA program (either 1 year or 2 years) gives you the opportunity to realize your true potential in the world.

2. Becoming a Problem Solver

One of the core elements of MBA is identifying a problem and coming up with a viable solution. Most of the times, you won’t be doing it alone and would be working in teams, just like real business environment.

During my time at Rotterdam School of Management, we largely learned through interactive case methods that placed special emphasis on collaborative decision making. This case based teaching methodology is designed to simulate real-world business issues while working with team members from diverse academic backgrounds.

During the MBA, you learn to listen to the perspectives of your classmates and team members. At the same time, your point of view is always respected even though it might get challenged. Throughout the MBA program you can expect to solve around 200-300 cases in diverse areas such as marketing, strategy, sustainability, operations, finance, supply chain to name a few. Once you’re done with your MBA, you’ll realise that you have developed a tremendous ability to quickly assess a problem and figure out a way towards solving it.

Handling ambiguity and difference of opinions helps you develop sound judgement required in business world.

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3.  Work on your Leadership

If you’re wondering about “Why MBA”, an important thing to cross your mind should be leadership. MBA program is a place where you practice your leadership instead of just reading about it. Investing time and money into an MBA program gives you a chance to experiment leadership styles in a relatively low-risk environment. The feedback mechanism in most MBA programs serves as the perfect tool to gauge the effectiveness of your leadership style.

MBA would give you many hands-on opportunities to lead and manage teams through the case assignments, team simulations, club activities, workshops, seminar and other avenues. You need to grab your chances when they come your way during the MBA program and rest assured you’ll come out as a better leader and of course a better manager.

4. Getting a Global Perspective

You’re not just getting an MBA degree but you’re getting a global perspective on business issues. Most international business schools have a diverse mix of nationalities in the class. This might be something that you don’t get in your workplace or organisations very often. When you work with people coming from different backgrounds, you understand their decision making process and the rationales behind it. This is the reason why MBA graduates get to work in different countries and get global mobility in their careers.

MBA programs offer immersions, exchanges and field trips that help you develop a global perspective beyond the classroom. You get access to resources that would have been otherwise impossible once you get into a business school.

5. You Join an Extensive Alumni Network

Apart from the network of distinguished professors and peers you also become part of a much larger alumni network of the business school. This alumni community is your support after finishing your MBA. They would be helping you on matters like career advice, job opportunities and even business opportunities.

Alumni of global business schools are spread across different countries and working in different industries. As an MBA graduate, you just need to tap into this resource the right way to gain the maximum out of it. The sense of belonging and camaraderie that alumni networks exhibit are a good indicator of good business school and the strength of their MBA program.

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