NUS MBA Admission Essay Review & Analysis – MBA Application


National University of Singapore

NUS MBA Essay Analysis for 2019-2020

NUS is Asia’s leading B-School in FT MBA Rankings for a while now. The NUS MBA participants come from a range of backgrounds, industries and organisations. This diverse mix contributes to a more enriching and dynamic learning experience. The B-school is based in Singapore, a global business hub,offering participants a unique vantage point as well as a springboard
to further their careers in Asia and beyond. 

NUS MBA Essay Topics explore the following areas:

NUS Essay-1

The NUS MBA offers a highly transformative education experience. What kind of transformation are you working towards in your professional and personal self? (250 words) (3500 Characters)

What NUS Wants to Know? (NUS Essay Analysis)

This is the Adcom checking on your level of self-awareness. You need to realise that MBA is not just a professional transformation but also a personal transformative experience. 

Start with where you are in your career right now, where do you want to be in your life and career, what steps you’re taking currently and how would NUS MBA be the right partner for your transformation.

NUS Essay-2

Describe the type of leader you are right now, and the qualities of a leader you aspire to be. How would The NUS MBA help you cultivate those qualities? (250 words) * 

What NUS wants to know? (NUS Essay Analysis)

This is an essay focused on leadership qualities that is reflected in the MBA cohort at NUS. The Adcom wants to know your awareness of leadership qualities possessed by you currently and what kind of qualities would you like to develop in your future.

If you are currently not in a leadership position then you should focus upon early leadership traits that pave the way for mature leadership path.

Don’t forget to mention how NUS MBA would help you make the transition in terms of leadership qualities. It’s an ideal essay to portrait your ambitions of leadership and tying it with what NUS MBA offers.

NUS Essay-3

Share a situation in your personal or professional life, where your value system was put to the test. How did you react, and what did you learn from it? (250 words)

What NUS Wants to Know? (NUS Essay Analysis)

This essay is more on the lines of typical behavioral interviews. It’s a great essay prompt because it explores three facets of your personality.

  1. What is your value system and core values?
  2. How do you react when things don’t align with your core values
  3. How do you learn from your experiences

Dedicate the space in this essay talking about your core values and why they are important to you. This is your chance to showcase your uniqueness and ethos.  

NUS Essay-4

Tell us about your intermediate (3 years) post-MBA career goal, describing your industry, function and country of choice and a plan on how you would achieve this goal. (250 words) *

What NUS wants to know? (NUS Essay Analysis)

Typical goals essay with focus on intermediate goals (3 Years). Ideally you should talk to the alumnus of NUS MBA Program and take cues from their career growth.

This essay showcases your ability to focus on your career path after the MBA for the time-frame of precisely 3 years. Be clear about your industry, functions and country where you want to work after finishing the school. The adcom also expects you to share your plans on how aim to achieve this career goal, so once again you clarity of thought is going to be tested. 


NUS Essay-5 (Re-applicant Essay)

Please provide an update on any new aspects of your professional, international, academic or personal profile that would not have been included in your previous application. Please also explain your motivation for re-applying to NUS. (Max. 300 words) 

What NUS Wants to Know? (NUS Essay Analysis)

If you are reapplying to NUS MBA this essay is mandatory for you. The school needs to know what exactly changed in your profile from the last time you applied. 

This is your chance to showcase your growth since the last time you applied to NUS MBA. Also, the B-school is interested to know what makes you re-apply to the program once again. 

You need to put a stronger candidature this time with your added experience and increased passion for NUS-MBA program.

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