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LinkedIn Profile Review

LinkedIn Profile Review

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Linkedin profile review

Your LinkedIn profile is your social brand and you need to make it count

In the recent times, LinkedIn has changed the face of recruitment. Having a great LinkedIn profile is no longer a ‘good to have’ thing but rather a ‘must have’ element of a successful job search strategy.

LinkedIn is “THE” place for online networking and your chances of landing your next job interview increase tremendously if you have a stellar Linked profile that grabs recruiter attention.

You need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile reflects your personal brand and contains the right keywords that are prevalent in your profession. 

Your LinkedIn profile works for your career even when you aren’t actively searching for a job. Recruiters are constantly trying to find the right candidate for different roles on LinkedIn. Certainly you don’t want to miss out on the chance.

Most often, the recruiter would have your LinkedIn profile open in front of them along with your resume while they make a call to you. Your LinkedIn Profile should align with your resume but shouldn’t be an exact replica of it.

Almost all recruiters use job role specific search terms and filters to find the right candidates. Crafting a search optimized LinkedIn profile can rank you much higher for the right types of jobs.

However, overfilling your profile with all possible keywords is a sure-shot way to be ignored by LinkedIn search algorithm and weighs negatively on your search appearance.

StepVue LinkedIn Profile Review Service ensures that you get a rock star LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and gets noticed by the recruiters.

We give you personalised feedback and support for crafting your LinkedIn Profile. Our interactive assessment process provides you with the SWOT analysis of you LinkedIn Profile.

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