StepVue JobNXT | World’s First Job Description Rating and Analysis Plaform


World’s 1st Job Description Rating & Analysis Platform


World's 1st Job Description Rating & Analysis Platform

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Scrolling through job openings often gives a feeling that they are all the same. This happens because most of the job descriptions are generic and usually bland in nature.   

STEPVUE analyzed thousands of job descriptions and realized that it can be extremely difficult for a candidate to grasp the true essence from a Job Description. We believe that candidates deserve to know what exactly they need to focus upon while reading the job description. At the same time, companies need to focus on incorporating candidate’s perspective while publishing Job Descriptions.

With this in mind, we have established StepVue JobNXT, world’s 1st Job Description Rating and Analysis Platform.

We evaluate Job Descriptions of top companies and provide you with a detailed analysis of the expectations from the job. StepVue JobNXT provides an honest critique of the job descriptions on several key parameters incorporating a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intervention (HI) in analyzing job descriptions.

We also provide Customized Interview Services for the candidates to excel the requirements of these high performance jobs.

Time to change the way you search jobs!!! Welcome to StepVue JobNXT!!

StepVue JobNXT - World's 1st Job Description Rating and Analysis Service