Are you looking for ISB interview questions?

Running from pillar to post to see what questions are asked by the adcom and how you can best prepare for them?

Your search ends here, in this blog we tell the 7 MOST Important ISB Interview Questions that you need to before your D-day.

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Some fundamentals about ISB PGP interview questions:

The Panel

When you walk into the virtual room, you’ll be greeted by an interview panel. The interview panel consists of 2-3 ISB PGP alumni who have some idea about your work profile, industry or academics. They have your application in front of them and they know what kind of questions they need to ask.

Expect anywhere between 5-8 questions which would ALWAYS largely fall into the below mentioned themes :

  1. Get a good pitch upfront. 9 out of 10 times it’s going to be your savior in ice breaker question, “Tell me something about yourself”
  2. The panel is interested in knowing your motivations for pursuing the MBA program at this stage of your career
  3. If you have made career switches in the past, be thorough with the reasons why you made a particular switch. It is likely that the interviewer is going to grill you on it.
  4. What do you expect out of the MBA program in terms of career goals? Are they realistic and align with what you’ve written in the essay?
  5. Why ISB? This is where you need to show your research on the PGP program!!!
  6. Expect some grilling on the extra curricular activities that you have mentioned in your application form!!!
  7. Some curveball questions here and there depending on your application and specifically career goals

BONUS: We told you about 7 questions but there is ONE question that stumbles many applicants towards the end of their ISB interview

Do you have any questions for us?

Now you know 8 questions that are sure-shot in any ISB interview with some twist and turns here and there.

As always, these are the themes from where questions would be coming in your interview. The questions in themselves aren’t something that you should be worried about, it is the answer to them that stands between you and a seat at ISB PGP.

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