How to Show Your Passion in a Job Interview (Including Examples) : Interview Tips

How to show your passion in the job interview (Including Examples) : Interview Tips

How to show you are passionate in a job interview - StepVue - Top 3 tips and strategies

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for passionate candidates in a job interview. In this post, we share interview tips that help you show your passion to the interviewer during the job interview.

It goes without saying that its extremely important to show your passion about the company and the role in the interview. Your passion is as important as your professional experience when it comes to getting the job. You might have a stellar resume, excellent professional track record, awards from previous job, yet the company can turn you down in the job interview. Job applicants need to show their hunger for getting the job and demonstrate their interest in the company.

If you are wondering why the company never got back to you after the interview, chances are that you failed to show your passion for the job to the hiring manager.

In most cases, the interviewer won’t specifically ask, “Show me your passion for this job”. Instead they will ask questions like, “Why should we hire you?”, “Why do you think you are the best candidate for this role?” or “Why do you want this job” to assess your passion for the role and the company.

Companies like to hire candidates who are not only strong on paper but also have a strong presence in the interview. Your passion for the job can easily translate into an improved presence in the job interview.

If you are wondering, do I need to change my personality for the interview? The answer is mix of yes and no.

Your fundamental personality type should be consistent across the interview. However, you should come across as someone who is interested in the job and is also passionate to contribute to the team and company.

So, where do we start? We give you 3 examples on how you can show that you are passionate about the job during the interview. Let’s get started!

1. Beginning of Job Interview

Most of the standard interviews begin with the question, “Tell me something about yourself”. You can either talk about your work experience, college grades, internships in a plain and bland monologue. However, you can also craft a story around one of these elements and show your passion for the job. Let’s see how you can do it.

For example, if you are applying for a Digital Marketing role, you can tell the interviewer, “I completed my Digital Marketing internship at XYZ firm and that drove my passion to start a Digital Marketing Club at our college. The club provided latest digital marketing skills to the students and trained over 50 participants in 6 months. It was my passion for Digital Marketing that drove me to apply to your company for this role.”

Remember your passion needs to connect to the job role and should highlight your motivations for applying to the job.

Setting the right tone in the beginning of the interview is highly important. You should convince the interviewer about you passion for the job. Once they’re sure, they would move to other elements of your personality. But remember, the interviewer needs to be convinced about your story. Be true and be professional.

2. Middle of Job Interview

During the interview, you would be asked to talk about the projects that you have listed on your resume. Don’t just repeat the WHAT, tell interviewer about the WHY. The interviewer can also read the bullet point that you “Drove the sales by $10 million….” but they need to understand the motives that drove you to take that action. Tell them the background story about WHY this project was important for your team, your company and yourself. Tell the interviewer, why you were chosen out of all the employees to work on this project. Did you volunteer? Or was it due to some past performance that your manager decided to give this opportunity to you? Tell them about the WHY through your story.

For Example, say something like, “Our company spent plenty of time in preparing budget and subsequent discussions around its approval. Last year, we moved to a system of rolling budget with quarterly forecasting throughout the company. The system was robust but was different from traditional budgeting. I developed a financial management dashboard that enabled managers to view the cost components on quarterly basis and helped managing the budget. This ensured that the transition to new system was smooth and gave desired results.”

Telling the story behind the bullet points shows your passion in the job interview. This not only showcases your passion but also highlights your communication skills in the interview.

3. Towards the End 

If you could not show your passion throughout the interview for some reasons, the ending of the interview is your last chance to seal the deal. Although, you should always show your passion for the job early on in the interview. However, mentioning it in the end is better than not mentioning it at all.

When you hear the golden words, “Do you have any question for us?”, use that as a prompt to show your passion about the job and the company.

For example, say something like, “I have followed your company for a while now and your e-commerce app is ranked as one of the best. When I began looking for a new position, I purposefully sought out companies that pay such close attention to UI/UX. I want to know how do you undertake the design process to get close to what the customer wants.” 

This would show your interest in the company, its products and your curiosity to learn more about the stuff the company is doing.

If the firm you are interviewing won an award, like ‘Best Places to Work‘, ask them what particular features of the company led to it. Discuss about useful things like advertising strategy, sustainability strategy or anything that the hiring manager would be comfortable to talk about. Your questions towards the end should add value to your interview. Show that you have done your homework and be authentic.

Remember that the key to a successful interview lies in the right preparation. You can’t just wake up one day and conquer the Mount Everest. It’s just plain wishful thinking! Hiring managers often get equally skilled candidates for a role and the difference between a successful applicant and the others is their PASSION. Let the employers see your motivations of WHY behind WHAT you do.

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Good luck with your job search!


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