F.A.Q. for Management Consulting Cohort

To be a good fit for management consulting cohort programs, you are someone looking to:

  • Get into management consulting roles at Tier-1  strategy consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, ATKearney,  Roland Berger and other firms such as KPMG, Deloitte, Alvarez Marsal, ADL, PwC, Accenture
  • Join firms that have business case interviews, guesstimates, market sizing as part of their selection process including FMCG, Technology, Telecom and Energy companies. 
  • Meet other case interview enthusiasts to share challenges and best practices
  • Grow your network of potential case partners & students
  • Get advice and support building a rock solid case interview routine from the best in their fields
  • Put in the work required to develop a consultant-like mindset for the long term

Between attending your workshops, working on your course and giving peer feedback, you should expect to spend 5-6 hours a week.

Beyond that, STEPVUE management consulting cohort is a choose-your-own-practice approach. You get out what you put in: often, the biggest contributors are also the biggest beneficiaries.

Depending on your schedule and interests, you could choose to:

  • Attend everything and “gorge” yourself on knowledge until you explode
  • Tune in at your leisure to attend sessions that interest you
  • Search the cohort and connect with interesting people one-on-one
  • Most participants have full-time jobs or students, so our programme is designed with that in mind.

Yes: STEPVUE programs will be run entirely remotely. This enables participation from all corners of the world. We’ve mastered the playbook for building remote communities and relationships online, and will apply the same approach here.

Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing offline programming like small gatherings, and bootcamps, but the core of STEPVUE will remain a remote-first experience.

Yes, you can avail 1-on-1 case interview practice sessions as part of the STEPVUE PARTNER Program. You will get 10 mock interview sessions directly with the Founder followed by structured post interview feedback. These sessions can be scheduled as per your convenience with advanced information from STEPVUE.

You access to the cohort would be dependent on your plan. After the program, you’re free to keep in touch with your cohort mates to practice your case skills and networking.

No! You can attend STEPVUE LIVE classes from comfort of any device such as Mobile, Tablet or Laptop anywhere, anytime. All you need is a good internet connection.

Yes. We are open for clients across the globe. A vast majority of our clients come from US, UK, EU, Singapore and SE Asian countries. You don’t have to be in India specifically to avail our services.

Our consulting process works entirely online in ENGLISH language using best available tools for meetings, collaboration and brainstorming.

Payment is super easy. We use state of the art payment gateways that support almost all major cards and all major currencies across the globe. In India, you also get the option of using NetBanking, UPI services for easy payment.

General Frequently asked questions

  1. MBA Admissions consulting services for ivy-league MBA programs at ISB, IIMs, Wharton, Harvard, INSEAD, Chicago Booth, HEC, NYU Stern and other Financial Times top-100 B-schools. 
  2. MBB Consulting Interview Coaching for case-interview format. We coach candidates on case-cracking and market sizing using custom-made techniques.
  3. Business plan, pitch, prototype and idea validation for Startups and Entrepreneurs.
  4. Innovation & Problem solving bootcamsps for K-12 schools and universities.


As our services are customised per the reuqirement of each client, there is no fixed price. When we work with candidates, we provide value for money services that are affordable and provide the highest ROI. Our clients always say that we offer more value for the price we charge.

Yes. We are open for clients across the globe. A vast majority of our clients come from US, UK, EU, Singapore and SE Asian countries. You don’t have to be in India specifically to avail our services. Our consulting works entirely online using best available tools for meetings, collaboration and brainstorming.

Payment is super easy. We use state of the art payment gateways that support almost all major cards and all major currencies across the globe. In India, you also get the option of using NetBanking, UPI services for easy payment.

For MBA Admission consulting, candidates typically need around 3-4 sessions of 40 minutes each to get their essays in shape. 

For MBA mock interviews, each mock would last around 20-30 minutes and is held to stimulate real interview environment.

For MBB case coaching, candidates typically sign up for sessions that cover advanced case interview techniques and mock case interviews in the end.

For all our services, we customise the schedule keeping in mind your working obligations.

STEPVUE.COM is a India’s No. 1 Case Interview Coaching and MBA Admission Consulting Service that is designed for new-age professionals and Global Leaders

Choose the Right Meeting Time

You can schedule a one-to-one meeting with us over Zoom, Google Meet, or phone. It is really simple.

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Reviews for our service

Got into first choice school

I got a late start to the MBA application process after spending more time than I had planned preparing for the GMAT. Abhijeet helped me stay on track for Round 1 by helping me prioritize my top schools and created a plan that enabled me to get all applications done on time.

The most difficult part of the process for me was finding the time to write essays with a busy work schedule. Abhijeet was instrumental in helping me organize my essay topics so I could make the best use of my time.

He encouraged me to keep sending him drafts even when they were far from perfect shape. Abhijeet’s insightful feedback and knowledge of the application process led to a final product I felt confident submitting. I ended up getting into my first choice school and couldn’t have done it without Abhijeet. I would highly recommend his services to anyone thinking about their MBA admission process.


Positioned my MBA story!

When I started considering my applications for business school, I knew I needed to not only carve out my story but also position and deliver a meaningful message. Abhijeet was integral in both the brainstorming and composition of my application profile both of which helped to round out my message and overall candidacy.

I think one of Abhijeet’s best traits is his ability to understand your background and help you conform your story into a tight narrative. This was evident to me during our first meeting in which we brainstormed all of my experiences I could potentially draw from. I thank him for all of his assistance and guidance and would definitely recommend him to a peer.


Ivy League MBA Dream come true

Honestly, I could have never crafted my most compelling story with the same conviction without Abhijeet’s guidance. He was incredibly pleasant and always managed to push all the right buttons to bring out the very best in me. In hindsight, I realised my MBA dream due to Abhijeet’s support and input every step of the way in the application process.

With Abhijeet as my coach, my work became more efficient and targeted! And, when I strayed, he was not afraid to bring me back on point. I was so confident with the strength of my final application, and subsequent interview, that I decided to apply only to my top school and wait for a decision. I was accepted to my target Ivy League MBA program with scholarship!


Public Sector Background for MBA

I feel confident stating that I would never have gotten into my target schools without Abhijeet’s help.

A non-traditional background in Public Sector can be a real asset if you know which aspects of your background to highlight, and a hindrance if you focus on the wrong areas. I was completely hung up on trying to figure out how to present my story, and Abhijeet was incredibly helpful in working with me to identify which particular skills and experiences to highlight in the various parts of my application. He also provided frank feedback when I was heading in the wrong direction.

I particularly valued his help on my essays – I was amazed at how quickly my jumbled first drafts turned into final products. He also really pushed me to clarify my career goals. In addition to strengthening my application, that also made me feel much more confident that going to business school was the right decision for me.

Finally, it was great to have someone in my corner who was enthusiastic and supportive any time I had news to share about interviews or acceptances. Thank you Abhijeet!


Abhijeet worked directly on my application!

My experience with Stepvue was a great one. Starting with the brainstorming, I was able to get great stories to tell on my applications and bring out the best part of my personal experience. Once I decided on the schools that I wanted to apply to, I was able to go through the essay questions with Abhijeet and determine the best stories to tell in each one.

The best part is that Abhijeet worked directly with me throughout the process. His experience of MBA interviews and stress interviews is amazing!

I was recommended to STEPVUE when I started the process, and would I definitely recommend STEPVUE to anyone planning for ivy league MBA programs.


MBA Dream got real!

Working with STEPVUE to help me with my B-school applications was one of the best decisions I have made in my career.

I was planning to apply to top global MBA programs and some good ones like ISB and IIMs in India. I took advantage of a free STEPVUE consultation with the company’s founder, Abhijeet Singh.  Abhijeet didn’t describe any of the gimmicks such as creating a personal brand approach that I had heard from other companies.

He simply said: you are not a company with a tagline, but a person with a unique and diverse set of experiences. If you work with me, I will help you pick your best stories and tell them in the most effective way possible. Abhijeet’s honesty, flexibility and realism is what compelled me to choose STEPVUE. And, I was not disappointed.

I would enthusiastically recommend STEPVUE to anyone applying to business school. He will make sure that your application tells your best story.


Thank you Stepvue!

Abhijeet’s preparation is impressive! The Market Entry framework he shared at the end of the case is extremely helpful and well organized, with many non-elementary topics.
He provided a very structured feedback, based on real valuation grids of MBB firms, with lots of actionable insights about how to continue my preparation.
Highly recommended! Cheers to Stepvue and Abhijeet!


Amazing MBB Coach

Amazing coach! I have handled this time a market sizing session and Abhijeet shares with me a truly enlightening structure and unconventional tips for a top performance.
He is also very helpful offline: he replied promptly to my messages with brilliant advices on preparation and useful insights about consulting and MBB.

Medha S.

Super Thank You!!

Simply outstanding! It’s only thanks to Abhijeet that I got my dream offer at MBB. He gives super-detailed feedback, based on what really engages interviewers. I loved the  top-down approach and 80-20 prioritization that he taught with so much ease!

In just a few sessions I had access to best-in-class frameworks, and brilliant cases to practice with. I can never thank Abhijeet & Stepvue enough for my success!

Padmanabh N.

10/10 recommendation 🙂

10/10 recommendation rate for Stepvue from me!

I had my first meeting with Abhijeet and I already started feeling a lot better. Especially feel like I know excactly what I need to do to get the offers at MBB. This one meeting with Abhijeet gave me more than my ~20 hours of practicing alone and with friends.

Strongly recommend Abhijeet to anyone who is serious about consulting!


One word-Powerful!!!

Abhijeet is most professional coach that I have met so far, there are several key skills that help me most if there is anyone looking for improving these certain types of ability highly recommend to book his available spot and practice.

First of all, structure thinking. Abhijeet taught me the roadmap to understand how to approach the case and analyse in a very systematic way.

Secondly, the result-driven attitude. For each analytical section comes up with solutions and synthesise the findings, to deliver the recommendation driven by data from the graph.

Finally, time management skills. For the case interview, we need to solve the case in a short time so it really needs to manage the time wisely for each sections. He told me a very important skills to manage my own performance effectively.

Overall, it is very helpful for my interview. Many thanks, Abhijeet.


Action-Driven Feedback

Abhijeet is a world-class coach, he provides the most insightful and impactful feedback. Definitely, my overall performance improved with Abhijeet’s Coaching.

The way he approaches the coaching involves action-driven feedback alongside, with the structural elements of what makes a case interview successful. He’s not just focused on solving cases but how we can effectively learn on how to structure and excel on it, before going any deeper. Definitely will recommend anyone to start a journey with Abhijeet and Stepvue.


Great case interview experience!

I had my case interview coaching with Abhijeet.

After identifying key issues in our first session, he came up with an customized coaching program to practice me weaknesses. The outcome was awesome. His program helped me to develop a habit to overcome my issues.

I am deeply thankful and recommend Stepvue to anyone interested in case interview coaching.

I definitely will book another session with him. Practicing with peers helps a lot. Practicing with such a dedicated coach is more than awesome.