Email Subject Lines to Use in Your Job Application (Examples Included)

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Top-5 Email Subject Lines to Use in Your Job Application

The email subject line is one of the most important elements of your job application. Its a proven fact that emailing resume directly to the recruiter or hiring manager increases your chances of landing an interview call. Your email subject lines is the first thing what the hiring manager would see and crafting it well is imperative. However, many applicants are clueless when it comes to writing the perfect subject line in job related emails. In this era of instant messenger driven communication not many candidates are conversant with writing a strong email subject line.

You don’t need to worry about it anymore. In this post we cover some of the tested and high impact email subject lines for job applicants that deliver the message professionally. Let’s get started!

Tips for Writing Email Subject Line in Job Application and Resume

1. The referral email subject line

If you have applied for the job role through an internal employee referral, you should use their name in the email subject line while writing to the hiring manager or recruiter. This way it becomes instantly clear to the hiring manager that you have an internal referral in their company.

If you have applied in the company in which you know someone but they haven’t referred you, then you seek your contact’s permission before using their name. This avoids situation in which your contact person is caught off guard when the hiring manager talks to them.

For example, ‘Referred by John Doe for Manager Marketing ‘ or ‘Referred by Jane Doe for Supply Chain Manager Role’

2. Position title-based email

If you are writing in response to a job opening then you should “always” use that position title in your email subject line. The recruiters are handling multiple job openings at the same time and you can make their lives easier by highlighting the job position upfront in the subject. These days most of the jobs have a job ID (for Applicant Tracking System), and you should always mention it with the job title in subject line. This practice helps even if the company has an automated filtering system in their emails as sorts your email against Job ID.

For example, “Job ID # 1234: Regional Sales Manager ”  

3. Highlighting your experience in email subject line

If you have substantial work experience as candidate then you can highlight it in the email subject line. This technique works well if you are not applying against a specific job opening and want to evoke the interest of hiring manager.

Companies are always looking out for experienced candidates who have maturity and can handle responsibility. Highlighting your experience in your email subject line can open the interview door for you.

For example,Procurement Manager with 8+ Years’ Experience – Looking for New Role”

4. Keyword based email

When you attache your resume along with the email, you should always include the keyword “Resume” in your email. If you are inquiring about a job opening, use the keyword ‘Inquiry’. In case you are following up on an earlier email or meeting, use the keyword “Follow Up”.  This technique ensures that the reader knows what you are asking upfront. In certain cultures, its common to use terms like “Confidential Search” orOpen Search” to signal your job search position to the recruiter. This depends on your current employment status and your employer agreement that restricts your job search during employment.

For example, “Follow Up – Interview for Data Analyst”

or “Meeting Follow Up: Digital Marketing Manager”

5. Using your own name in email subject line

You can also incorporate your exact name in the email subject line to make it professional. This also makes it easier for the hiring manager to find out your email among hundreds of candidates. Most mobile devices allow only 25 to 30 characters to be displayed in the subject line so use the space wisely.

You can use your name in the beginning followed by the job title or the other way around to get the attention.

For example, “Jane Doe – Job Application – Social Media Manager”

The subject line is highly important component of your email and you should always keep it professional. Along with it, you need to make sure that rest of your email is professional and in the right tone. This means paying attention to email etiquette, message, email signature and other standards of professional communication.

StepVue helps candidates with creating the perfect job application with its CV Review Services and Career Consulting Services that help you stand out as a job applicant. Our structured approach to career consulting and job search strategy ensures that you bring out the best in you.

Good luck with your job search!

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