Corporates & Start-ups

Corporates & Startups

ROI focused interactive training programs that deliver results

"No organisation can afford to stand still."

Keep Moving with Stepvue.

StepVue helps teams and professionals working in corporates to create purpose driven organisation, develop a more effective corporate culture, and transform how management teams lead their business across all functional areas.

Our case-study based training approach provides corporate world relevance for participants.

Our advanced classroom based online assessment tools gather audience response to learning and enable ROI driven assessment.

We can help your top talent and teams to deliver maximum value for your organisation.

How can StepVue transform your company

'STEPMark' Marketing Program

Advent of social media and the proliferation of mobile devices have revolutionized the way companies interact with customers. Everything from building relationship to conducting business has undergone a revolution in recent times.

It’s an exciting time to be a marketer with much more complex challenges!

StepVue’s StepMARK is a case study based interactive marketing strategy program that will expand your ability to approach marketing from a strategic perspective. The program also provides frameworks to pursue integrated strategies that make sense for your organization.

Become a superior marketer with StepVue StepMARK.

'StepLead' Leadership Program

Begin your leadership journey with StepLEAD program. The program is aimed at young leaders who are either leading teams or moving in to a team leading role.

The program is suited for professionals who want to navigate corporate ladders and develop sound leadership skills.

Get prepared for handling increasing responsibilities and nurturing your team members. 

StepVue’s StepLEAD is an interactive case study based program where participants develop their leadership competencies and master business fundamentals that enable them to deliver lasting value for their career, and their organization.

Engage audience, subordinates, peers and senior management with great leadership skills with StepVue StepLEAD Program.

'STEP90' Program for Young Managers

Transitioning from an individual contributor or specialist  to a manager is never easy. As a newly hired manager, you are expected to hit the ground running from day one. StepVue helps the new managers in your company to obtain clarity on their role, their team and organisation priorities.

StepVue also coaches young managers on culture and power dynamics, to ensure you balance the many priorities you are faced with, to succeed in your first 90 days. 

Step90 Program Ideal for new team managers, first time managers and professionals expecting to take managerial responsibilities in the future.

'STEP-High' Program for Potential Talent

High Potential employees are the rising stars of your organisation. They are valuable to your business and its overall success.

You need focused strategies to ensure that High Potential employees are engaged within your organisation.

StepVue StepHIGH program provides the right platform to identify, groom and develop High Potential talents within your organisation and gives a structured road map towards handling these talented individuals.

'StepINNO' Program for Disruptive Innovation

In the era of Disruptive Innovation, the tried and tested managerial models are facing strong headwinds. 

Industry boundaries are fading, competitive advantages are no longer sustainable and assets are no longer owned but borrowed. Disruptive Innovation is transforming the economy at unprecedented pace and constantly questioning our speed of adaption.

StepVue’s StepINNO program helps participants drive innovation in their organisations and provides framework on “Thinking like a Disruptor”.

You would be challenged to test your assumptions and learn new ways of thinking.

'StepDigi' Program for Digital and Marketing

The advent of digital market has changed the way marketers around the world think, act and execute their marketing plans. 

Digital marketing is no longer a ‘good to have’ but rather a ‘must have’ strategy for every organisation, no matter big or small. B2B or B2C. You need smart strategies to navigate the digital marketing landscape to make the most out of it.

StepVue StepDIGI program gives you the right approach to managing your companies digital marketing strategies and integrate them with offline marketing.

The program gives you framework for navigating the challenging and changing digital landscape. 

How it works

At your locations

StepVue provides training at your institution or corporate office

2 working days training

StepVue training programs are designed for 2 working days duration and can be tailor made as per your needs

16 discussion hours

Our interactive and engaging sessions last for total 16 hours with around 8 hours of interactive and engaging discussions per day

Unlimited email support

We provide email support to training participants for upto 2 months depending on the mutually agreed terms

Additional Resource Access

Access to additional resources and newsletters after the training program

Our clients say

"My experience of working with StepVue has been the best! The process helped me in drawing my goals and guided me on the steps to achieve them. Every session brought more clarity and rebuilt my confidence. I got my career direction working with StepVue."
Corporate Marketing Manager
"I can say with utmost confidence that StepVue has truly transformed my career. My resume and interview preparation reached a different level all together after working with StepVue. The interactive process ensured that I could clarify my career trajectory and discover my leadership style. My career has truly taken a leap after working with StepVue"
Senior Consultant
"StepVue's career consulting service is amazing and I highly recommend it! Thanks to it, I could understand which career path to take. StepVue helped me focus and see the right opportunities at the right time. The coaching process truly helped me in my job search and helped me gain clarity. I am glad I chose StepVue!"
Assistant Manager- Corporate Law
"StepVue is a great career coaching service. After numerous job rejections, I was in a rut of demoralisation and had lost my self esteem. StepVue helped me gain my confidence back and helped me progress through personalised coaching that was tailor-made for me. Thanks to StepVue, I am now much more confident about my career choices"
Anand Krishnan
Software Team Lead

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