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ROI focused interactive training programs that deliver results

"Future is not only about college degrees."

FUTURE is about job skills.

StepVue helps college and university students in gaining clarity, purpose & direction in their career.

Our ROI focused training and coaching programs help students in establishing their brand, developing confidence and social skills to firmly secure their dream role.

Our advanced classroom based interactive online assessment tools gather audience response to learning and enable ROI driven assessment of the training programs.

We can help to transform your college, university or business school into a cutting edge job market focused learning center.

How can StepVue transform your College & Business School


StepVue helps the students in creating an impact and developing a meaningful career that gives them direction and purpose.

StepVue guides the students into creating an inspiring vision as well as the strategy to make it happen.


StepVue helps the students in building a vision that is inspiring. We don’t stop just there as we also give them the confidence and belief to achieve it through our regular support.

StepVue helps students developing confidence and creating beliefs which are designed for success.

PErsonal Branding

StepVue coaches the students in personal branding and helps them to create a digital presence that opens doors for exciting opportunities now and in the future.

StepVue guides students to effectively utilise their unique story and experiences in a way that is inline with their target market and their key career goals.

Career Path

After finishing the college or university the students sometimes feel that there is a massive gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Career fulfillment is when your students have aligned their career path with their ambitions.

StepVue can give your students the most practical and efficient guidance towards their desired vision.

Our Training Programs

StepVue "STEPVALUE Program"

StepVue’s VALUE Program is aimed at students pursuing their MBA and PGDBM Programs in business schools.

The program is equally beneficial for students in first year and second year of their MBA programs. 

StepVALUE program is designed for students who want to obtain maximum ROI from their MBA program. It’s ideal for students who need to leverage their MBA program to understand their leadership style and develop effective networks.

The program gives the right tools and frameworks to equip students to become a better leader in their future organizations, and beyond.

Develop your personal leadership path that ensures you remain inspired and focused for the future.

StepVue’s StepVALUE program provides a toolbox full of key concepts that give you a deeper understanding of leadership and the skills required for any business situation. 

StepVue "StepLEAP Program"

StepVue’s Leadership Excellence for Accelerated Performance (LEAP) gives the right framework for young students pursuing undergraduate studies to excel in their career.

The program is aimed at students in colleges and universities to prepare them for their future career.

The program trains the students not only on leadership skills but also on networking, communication, presentation and behavioral skills that are important in the corporate world.

It helps students uncover their true self and identify the values that guide their life. It also gives a global perspective on value creation by integrating business functions. Apply your new and enhanced capabilities to solve complex business issues from the first day in your next job!

StepVue’s StepLEAP program enhances the creativity and innovation of students that makes them future-ready to work in collaborative corporate environment.

How it works

At your locations

StepVue provides training at your institution or corporate office

2 working days training

StepVue training programs are designed for 2 working days duration and can be tailor made as per your needs

16 discussion hours

Our interactive and engaging sessions last for total 16 hours with around 8 hours of interactive and engaging discussions per day

Unlimited email support

We provide email support to training participants for upto 2 months depending on the mutually agreed terms

Additional Resource Access

Access to additional resources and newsletters after the training program

Our clients say

"My experience of working with StepVue has been the best! The process helped me in drawing my goals and guided me on the steps to achieve them. Every session brought more clarity and rebuilt my confidence. I got my career direction working with StepVue."
Corporate Marketing Manager
"I can say with utmost confidence that StepVue has truly transformed my career. My resume and interview preparation reached a different level all together after working with StepVue. The interactive process ensured that I could clarify my career trajectory and discover my leadership style. My career has truly taken a leap after working with StepVue"
Senior Consultant
"StepVue's career consulting service is amazing and I highly recommend it! Thanks to it, I could understand which career path to take. StepVue helped me focus and see the right opportunities at the right time. The coaching process truly helped me in my job search and helped me gain clarity. I am glad I chose StepVue!"
Assistant Manager- Corporate Law
"StepVue is a great career coaching service. After numerous job rejections, I was in a rut of demoralisation and had lost my self esteem. StepVue helped me gain my confidence back and helped me progress through personalised coaching that was tailor-made for me. Thanks to StepVue, I am now much more confident about my career choices"
Anand Krishnan
Software Team Lead

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