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No Need to Memorize

While we would be sharing all the important frameworks with you but you would not need to memorize them. After all consulting is not about memorizing stuff, it’s about developing the right thinking approach. Our focused practice and detailed feedback ensures that you deliver your case recommendations based on both qualitative and quantitative findings.

Affordable Learning

We don’t charge exorbitant fees for case interview preparation. Unlike all the other case interview coaching services we don’t want you to break the bank for case interview coaching. The idea is to bridge the gap between quality case-interview coaching and affordability. 

High Quality Practical Cases

Business world is rapidly changing and so are the engagements of consultants. We offer highly relevant cases for all levels of candidates across variety of industries to ensure best case interview practice. What you practice is what you perform.

Find Case Resources

You’re not alone in your consulting interview journey. You get access to case resources, practice cases, math drills, and case interview insights as part of StepVue community. You can also find case interview partners on StepVue to connect with candidates from around the world.

What is a case interview?

Case interviews are designed to simulate consultants’ day-to-day job under a controlled interview environment.

Case interview involves a business problem that the interviewer has experienced in the past. This business problem or case is modified to be approachable and solvable within a 30 minute time-frame usually provided in case-interview.

Many candidates feel the pressure while attending the case interviews as they require high-level of business thinking  that usually comes with practice and experience.

The case interview is designed to evaluate the way that you think, and apply your understanding of business principles to arrive at a strong recommendation. 

What are different types of case interview?

Interviewer Led Case Interviews

During an interviewer-led case interview, the interviewer would be driving the case forward. The interviewer would be setting the direction in which you would be proceeding by asking specific, pre-determined questions to test your problem solving skills. In this type of interview you would be moving along a check-list of questions that the interview feels are most important and need to be answered in the case.

An interviewer-led case usually has around 3-5 different questions on a single business problem. Some candidates are comfortable with this approach as they find it easier to work under the guidance provided by the interviewer. While some others feel that the abrupt stop and go nature of the interview makes it really difficult for them. McKinsey & Co. is known for having interviewer-led cases as part of their selection process.

Candidate Led Case Interviews

In a candidate-led case, the interviewer presents you with a problem, and then puts you in the driver’s seat to lead the case the case.

In this type of interview you need to find out what is/are the key issue(s) behind the problem. In candidate-led case interview, you need to actively ask the interviewer for data, clarifying information, and actively propose your own hypotheses of the underlying problem to be able to solve the case. If you don’t ask, then you shouldn’t expect to be handed important data that leads to solving the case.

Candidates who are not comfortable leading the case always struggle in this interview format. These type of case-interviews are often employed by BCG, Bain & Co., Oliver Wyman, Accenture Strategy and Deloitte. 

Irrespective of the nature of the interview, you’d be evaluated on your ability to make fact based conclusions.

What is a 'fit-interview'?

Fit interviews or behavioral interviews revolve around asking probing questions related to candidates background and work-experience. Consulting is not an average job and requires you to wear constantly deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines and high pressure environments. At the same time you need to showcase your demeanor in front of the client and within your team irrespective of the situation.

The fit or behavioral interviews from consulting firms focus on your experiences with teamwork, leadership and facing adversity. It is a way for these firms to gauge how you have responded to challenges similar to those you are likely face in the new role.