Are You Ready to Believe in Yourself?

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your ability to become successful?

Allow me to share a small story with you.

In 1997, Amazon’s stock price was a mere $1.54. Not many people believed it would scale to heights it has witnessed in the last 22 years ($1705.51 on 8-Oct-2019). Do the math!!!! Value is not created overnight. It takes years to become evident and be appreciated. Not everyone would become Jeff Bezos 20 years down the line. In fact, you don’t have to be him. Vision and Focus are two foundations for creating long term value. Your growth trajectory is something that’s going to be exclusive for you.

StepVue Believe in Yourself

All this was possible due to the unwavering vision that Jeff Bezos had for Amazon all these years. His focus on Customer Experience was so deep that it ingrained throughout Amazon and in every Amazonian. Even the strongest critics of Amazon respect their commitment to customer experience. Even today, companies are wrapping their head around providing the Amazon Customer Experience to their customers.

No matter what phase of your career you’re currently in, you should always believe in yourself. Once you start believing in yourself, you’d find that people around you would be believing in you.

How do you start believing in yourself?

For beginners, find out why you don’t believe in yourself? Your level of self awareness is critical for you to believe in yourself. Don’t get too overconfident about your abilities. At the same time don’t be over-critical of yourself.

Start by executing smaller tasks to build your confidence and develop your belief. Gradually make way for bigger assignments and see yourself grow.

The lesson from Amazon Story is simple. It’s possible to achieve anything that you want. You just need to set your vision and maintain your focus.

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