5 Ways to Research Company before a Job Interview

How to Research Company before a Job Interview - StepVue Career Blog Wisdom Series

5 Ways You Can Find Out Details about the Company Before a Job Interview

You got an interview call and want to research company before the job interview. You might have heard about the company same day you applied for the job, but you can still cover some ground between now and the interview.

Company analysis is a relatively new concept for many job-seekers. Candidates don’t realize how much difference it can make to your application. If you got through the phone screening and are invited to attend the face to face interview, you have a real chance to impress the interviewer through showcasing your research skills.

Marketers often do detailed market research to gather information about target market and customers. Job seekers can also benefit from focused company analysis prior to the job interview and maximize the chances of their selection.

In this post, we provide you with a 5 practical ways in which you can research company before job interview and create a strong impression. Let’s get started.

1. Start with Google search and Google News

When you’re doing research on company before job interview, you should look for the company on Google and find out what’s making news. It’s important to know what’s being written about the company on platforms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc. It might be possible that you don’t get much information about the company on Google. This is true for smaller firms that have been in business for relatively short time. All the information that you gather won’t be beneficial for your interview and you need to be careful about it. Spend your time focusing on important things which you can logically use in the interview to your benefit.

2. Visit the company website

Ideally, the best place to find about the company is the company’s website. Scan through sections like About Us, Press Reports, Awards and Recognition on the company website to get first-hand account of what the company is most proud sharing about itself. Once again, you may not get much information about smaller firms and in this case, use social media to gain access. Many companies don’t update their website frequently but are active on social media channels like LinkedIn. If the organization doesn’t have a professionally managed website or social media presence, they might not be totally in control of their online presence. You should question yourself whether you would like to work for such a company.

3. Product and Customer Analysis

Identify the products or services of the company and find out their target market. When you are doing company research you should also focus on product features. Often times, companies are competing with competitors on product features. If you can find features that give advantage to competitor and are absent from your interview company, think what could be the reason? This question can also pop-up in the interview, so its better to do your homework. Knowing the strong suits of the company is always an advantage.

What kind marketing is the company focusing? Is it B2B or B2C? Is the product a commodity or specialty? What’s the positioning, is it low-end or premium? Getting answer to these questions would help you get tremendous amounts of insights for the interview and put you ahead of other candidates. Understanding the value chain of the company is one of the easiest ways to understand the business model of the company.

4. Use LinkedIn to your advantage

Even if you are applying as a fresher, knowing about the company leadership is a good starting point. Research about the company on LinkedIn and find out more about the C-suite, senior leadership and the hiring manager. You’ll be able to see your connections who work at the company. You can also find out details about jobs posted, related companies, and company details. If you have mutual connections at the company, consider reaching out to them. They can put in a good word for you and also share their perspective on the company and give you tips that will help you ace the interview. Use the perfect email subject lines while writing mails to prospective connections.

You might find some common talking points from your research during the interview. Interviewers do the same when they are shortlisting candidates for the interview and you should also do some background checks. Maybe, a common university or previous employer can come around handy in the interview.

5. Company Financial Analysis – Important if you are applying for management role

Number don’t lie. The financial reports of a company provide valuable insights into the actual performance of the company. But merely knowing the numbers won’t serve much purpose in the interview. You would hardly be able to impress anyone by mentioning the revenue or profit figures.

However, creating meaningful insights from the numbers to assess the performance of the company would impress the interviewer. There are multiple financial ratios that you can compute from the financial statements. Each of these indicators represents the financial health of the company. If you are applying for an management role then you should definitely review the financial performance and make meaning out of the numbers.

Using these above points, you can assess where the company is headed in the future and identify the bottlenecks in the business operations.

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Good luck with your job search!

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