Industry Research Reports In Consulting : What makes a good consulting report?

One thing that is common among consulting, research institutions, securities firms and investment banks is that they all do industry research.

One thing that is common among consulting, research institutions, securities firms and investment banks is that they all conduct industry research.

Reliable data and information are the core of industry research.

Good research report = Solid research + credible information and data + rigorous reasoning and argumentation + clear presentation logic.

If any of these is missing; the research report will fail to impress.

Every day, countless research reports are produced in the firms, most of which make the same mistakes, and eventually become junk on the internet.

The basic content of industry research

Many novice analysts and consulting beginners are often confused in their first attempt after getting a new industry to research. They don’t know how to make inroads facing an unfamiliar industry.

The industry research reports of consulting companies have a clear purpose, and they are written to attract potential customers.

The undertone in consulting report is, “We know the industry extremely well, hire us for your next engagement”

The main purpose of the consulting company’s research report is to pull projects and acquire clients, so the classification of research is closely related to the consulting business of the firm.

At present, traditional consulting services can be divided into three categories: Strategic consulting, Management consulting, and IT consulting.

  • Strategic consulting mainly includes company/group strategy, new market entry, acquisitions/mergers, etc.;
  • Management consulting covers a wide range, almost involving all aspects of company operations such as personnel, operations, and finance, including corporate restructuring, post-investment integration, etc.;
  • IT consulting mainly includes IT planning, system development, system implementation, etc.

The classification of consulting industry research also follows this context, mainly divided into three categories:

  • The market category: serving strategic consulting projects
  • Strategy category: Serving strategy, management and IT consulting projects
  • The investment category : serving strategy and management consulting projects
a. Market Category

Market research reports are aimed at the most extensive customer groups of the firm. On the one hand, it shows the company’s research capabilities and knowledge reserves to potential customers, and on the other hand, it creates a good brand image for the general public.

Such reports usually starting from the overall size of the industry, market size and segmentation, combined with the external environment, analysis of drivers and risks, as well as some of the industry’s key customer behavior, and predict future trends.

b. Strategy Category

Strategic research is more advanced than market research: in the context of the industry environment and consumer behavior, identify future development opportunities and growth points and put forward suggestions for corporate strategic planning.

Strategic reports start from the market, overview. They also comprehensively analyze the external environment, upstream and downstream, barriers and risks, key success factors, etc. Toward the end they propose strategic development directions for the market as a whole or different segments.

c. Investment Category

Investment research is mainly for investment institutions, such as PE, sovereign funds and group strategic investment departments, to help these clients sort out investment opportunities.

This type of report will first give a brief introduction to the industry profile and will then analyze the investment, mergers and acquisitions in detail. This includes details such as the number of investments, types of investments, transaction amounts, and valuations.

Additionally, the investment research report also compile a list of potential investment targets. They analyze the scale, gross profit level, strengths and weaknesses, and valuation levels of these companies based on the status quo and prospects of the industry.

However, since investment mergers and acquisitions are sensitive information, all research reports involving potential investment targets are not released publicly. Instead, partners of consulting companies develop reports investment institutions through formal or informal meetings, face-to-face interviews, etc.

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