ISB PGP Essay Analysis 2021 (2022 Intake)- Class of 2023

ISB PGP Essay Analysis - STEPVUE July 2021 2022 Intake
ISB PGP Essay Analysis – STEPVUE July 2021 2022 Intake

The ISB PGP Essay Analysis 2022 Intake (Class of 2023) is here. As of last week, ISB 2022 Intake essays have been released and the school has kept the essays same as last year.

Once again, the school is broadly interested in knowing TWO specific things from the candidate:

1. Why you should be part of ISB MBA Class
2. Your clarity on post-MBA career goals and how ISB would help you achieve them


Describe with examples the most important personal quality that you possess which significantly enhances your prospects of being successful as a leader? (400 words)

MBA is largely about developing your leadership abilities, so you need to be on a leadership track to make the cut to ISB. It is important to remember that leadership is more than just a designation. So even if you’re early in your career, you need to think of specific situations in which your “leadership potential” came to the forefront.

ISB understands that you are investing in the MBA program to develop your leadership skill. However, successful candidates have already made some progress on their own when it comes to becoming a leader.

Remember, ISB is asking for just ONE quality and not a bucket list so you need to filter and just put out the best in your essay.

Successful candidates at ISB are the ones who are able to add value to the class at ISB through their experiences, both professional and personal. In this essay, ISB is interested in knowing your most important personal quality that enhances your prospect of becoming a successful leader in the future. This needs to be backed up with strong examples where you have demonstrated this personal quality in the past.

It is extremely important to sum up why this quality enhances your prospects of being successful leader.

You should try and avoid writing clichés and dig a level deeper while introspecting your most important personal quality. Almost all candidates would be tempted to write about of being a hard-worker but that’s a surface level quality.

You need to drive your essay argument towards its conclusion so that the reader knows that you are worth your place at ISB.

You should be able to connect the dots with your story as it is something that most candidates often miss out on doing. What you write in this essay is going to be the stuff of discussion in the ISB interview stage, so you don’t want to leave any wires hanging loose.

You can apply to ISB PGP here


What are your short term and long-term career goals? How will Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals? (400 words max)

Guess what ISB expects in this essay? Specificity. How do you get there? Through extensive research.

As an MBA graduate, ISB wants to know what role, what industry and what seniority level you see yourself pursuing in the short and long term.

Every year, candidates make the same cardinal mistake of not thinking enough through their career goals. The candidates who are successful in this essay are the ones who are able to be ambitious yet realistic in this essay.

At the same time, you should include your motivations for pursuing this career path and how does ISB fit into the big picture. Do you even need an MBA to reach that level?

All these questions need to be answered well even if you have entrepreneurship as your career goal. We would even say, think more thoroughly on these parameters if your career goal is to become an entrepreneur. You need to think through your goals end to end and for future entrepreneurs, it means having a clear understanding of how an MBA from ISB adds value to the startup you are going to build.

A common starting step for most candidates is to read placement reports and attend webinars or admission events and info sessions to gain more insights on the ISB advantage. But hey, don’t just tell them the obvious stuff like rankings and placements that attract you to ISB. That would not make the cut.

The real estate a.k.a. the word limit is something that makes the task of writing a compelling story more challenging. You don’t want to waste too much time talking about the stuff that isn’t going to make the ISB adcom excited about your application essays.

Your next step!

ISB Adcom gets thousands of applications every year and majority of them have a great profile making the competition even tougher. You certainly want to tie up the loose ends in your profile before submitting your application.

You have taken the first step by reading our ISB PGP Essay Analysis 2022 Intake (Class of 2023). For the next step, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your ISB PGP prospects.

If you have any questions on writing the essay or need brainstorming on the best ideas to put in these essay prompts. Feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to help you in your ISB journey. You can schedule a meeting with us to discuss your ISB MBA application and understand your chances.

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