The Bain One Way Video Interview: All You Need to Know from STEPVUE

If you were asked to take the Bain One Way Video Interview, we will show you how to prepare.

Bain is following BCG’s lead and started with one way video interviews around 2019-20 to pre-screen candidates using fit questions. If your goal is a career in management consulting and specifically in MBB, you need to buckle up your video interview skills. 

We’ll explain you everything you need to know about Bain’s one way interviews, from what to expect to how to pass. This is based on the feedback of candidates who have successfully appeared and cleared these interviews.

In the past we have covered MBB interviews extensively, case interview questions from MBB firms. If you’re just getting started with the consulting recruiting process, you might want to see our other blogs as well.

It is important to note that all Bain candidates don’t need to go through Bain One Way. It depends on what office you’re applying and what Bain feels is right process for you.

But if you’ve received a one way video invite from Bain, you’re in exactly the right place.

At STEPVUE we helped 100% of our clients get through their BCG one way interviews. STEPVUE is now ready to help you with your Bain interview as well. 

Let’s get started!

What Is the Bain One Way Interview?

A one way interview is a uni-directional video interview. If your application is considered for further selection, you will receive Bain’s invitation with a link to, a digital recruiting company that specializes in online assessment games and video interviews. 

For this interview you can use your computer or smartphone to access the site and record your answers at a convenient time before the deadline (usually within 3-4 days)

You don’t get to see the questions beforehand but you can do practice questions. You will get detailed instructions on Hirevue on the conduct of the interview including recording and submission of your answers.

The Bain video interviews can be considered as pre-screening interviews.

The questions cover your experience like traditional behavioral interviews but also include high-level case questions.

What questions can you expect in Bain one way video interview:

  1. Tell us about a time when you led a team?
  2. What is the main challenge in working with geographically distributed teams?
  3. One of your team mates is struggling with work overload? What would you advise her?
  4. What is challenge with smart devices. What can companies do to overcome it?

The video interview covers elements of both behavioral and case questions. Ideally you should devote your time equally to prepare each of these.

Consulting interviews have a long tradition of fit interviews. They are designed to assess whether a candidate has the soft skills needed to a great consultant. Some of the qualities they assess include

  • Leadership characteristics
  • Team player attributes
  • Feedback and Coachability

You need to have stories to show you have the characteristics that Bain is looking for in a successful candidate. 

Join our Consulting TREK program to further polish your case interview skills and fit interview stories. In our one-to-one Consulting EXPRESS and SPRINT, we go a step further in validating your ideas and making you interview ready for MBB.

Like all consulting interviews, the focus in Bain One Way Video interview is on structured thinking. If you succeed in this round you’re invited for the first round of case interview with members from Bain.

What You Need To Know Before Your Bain One Way Video Interview

  1. HireVue gives you a chance to do a practice. Use that time to make sure you understand how their system works. 
  2. You’ll get 3 questions in the BAIN video interview.
  3. For each question you get 5 minutes to prepare your answer.
  4. You get 2 minutes for each of your answer.
  5. You’ll only have one opportunity to record your answer.
  6. Be confident and treat this as real interview with Bain colleagues.

10 Things To Remember Before Your Bain One Way Video Interview

  1. Prepare answers to common fit interview questions. 
  2. Understand what a case interview is and what interviewers look for in your answer.
  3. Do mocks to present answers to common fit questions. 
  4. Be ready to face the camera
  5. Keep your answers to the point. Don’t ramble.
  6. Show your enthusiasm but be professional. No one wants to watch a boring video response but people don’t expect you to entertain them with your response.
  7. Find a quiet and well-lit space to conduct your interview. Pick a time when you can be sure about minimal disturbance.
  8. Check your camera, microphone and Internet connectivity ahead of time. 
  9. Dress as if you were on the job. Wear business attire to your video interview.
  10. Practice, practice and practice.
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