Case Interview Examples – Updated List 2021 McKinsey BAIN BCG DELOITTE

2021 Updated List from McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, Accenture and Others.

Practicing case interview examples is one of the first steps in preparing for the management consulting recruitment process for every candidate.

We don’t want you to spend hours searching the internet and ultimately getting lost in the sea of misinformation. This article presents a comprehensive collection for you – with 35 example cases from leading management consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG and others

A clear understanding of “what is a case interview” is essential for effective use of these examples. I suggest reading our Roadmap for getting into consulting : Secret to land offer at McKinsey, Bain and BCG., if you haven’t done so.

1. McKinsey Case Interview Examples

McKinsey Practice Cases

What should I know about McKinsey Case Interviews?

At McKinsey, case interviews often follow the interviewer-led format, where the interviewer asks you multiple questions for you to answer with structured approach.

How do you pass McKinsey Interview? Since the questions can be grouped into predictable types, an efficient approach is to master each question type. However, do that after you’ve mastered the case interview fundamentals!

For a detailed guide on frameworks, check out our article on how you can build your frameworks in case interview.

2. BCG & Bain Case Interview Examples

BCG Practice Cases

Bain Practice Cases

What you need to know about BCG & Bain Case Interviews?

Unlike McKinsey, BCG and Bain case interviews typically follow the candidate-led format – which is the opposite of interviewer-led, with the candidate driving the case progress by actively breaking down problems in their own way.

The key to acing candidate-led cases is to master the case interview fundamental concepts as well as the frameworks.

Some BCG and Bain offices also utilize written case interviews – you have to go through a pile of data slides, select the most relevant ones to answer a set of interviewer questions, then deliver those answers in a presentation. However, in the recent trend of online interviews due to the pandemic, the huge pile of data slides are optimised for online delivery.

3. Deloitte Case Interview Examples

Deloitte Practice Cases

Undergrad CasesAdvanced Cases
Human Capital – Technology InstituteHuman Capital – Agency VStrategy – Federal Benefits ProviderStrategy – Extreme Athletes Technology – Green ApronTechnology – Big Bucks BankTechnology – Top EngineTechnology – Finance AgencyHuman Capital – Civil Cargo BureauHuman Capital – Capital AirlinesStrategy – Club CoStrategy – Health AgencyTechnology – Waste ManagementTechnology – Bank of ZurichTechnology – Galaxy Fitness

What should I know about Deloitte Case Interviews?

Case interviews at Deloitte also lean towards the candidate-led format like BCG and Bain.

The Deloitte consultant recruitment process also features group case interviewswhich not only test analytical skills but also place a great deal on interpersonal handling.

4. Accenture Case Interview Examples

Accenture divides its cases into three types with very cool-sounding names.

  • The great unknown
  • The back of envelope
  • Parade of facts

Here’s the link to the Accenture Case Interview Workbook, with more than a dozen practice cases.

5. Capital One Case Interview Examples

Capital One is a bank-holding company. Nonetheless, this being one of the biggest banks in America, it’s interesting to see how its cases differ from the consulting ones. This is important to provide a contrasting perspective on cases.

Having gone through Capital One’s guide to its cases, we can’t help but notice the less-MECE structure of the sample answers. Additionally, there seems to be a greater focus on the numbers. This is somewhat different than McKinsey Case Interview process.

Nonetheless, having a solid knowledge of the basics of case interviews will not hurt you – if anything, your presentation will be much more in-depth, comprehensive, and understandable!

See Capital One Business Analyst Case Interview for an example case and answers.

6. Other Firms Case Interview Examples

Besides the leading ones, we have some examples from other major consulting firms as well.

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