RSM MBA 2022 – RSM MBA alumni shares Essay Question Analysis & RSM MBA Essay 2021

Are you planning to apply for RSM MBA 2022 Intake? This is the post that will answer all your questions. As a RSM MBA alumni, I would take your through the RSM MBA application Process and analyse the RSM MBA essay question for 2022 Intake.

First thing first, here is the checklist for RSM MBA 2022 intake:

RSM MBA 2022 Intake : Checklist for application

  1. Completed online application form
  2. One prepared essay
  3. CV or LinkedIn profile
  4. Two referees
  5. Satisfactory GMAT/GRE score
  6. GMAT code: QK8-CX-30
  7. GRE code: 0798
  8. Official transcript and copy of your diploma or degree from your college or university
  9. Copy of your passport
  10. € 100 application fee (PayPal, credit card, or direct bank transfer)
  11. Candidates who are invited for an admissions interview must complete a video response via Kira Talent

RSM MBA 2022 intake : Key Application Deadlines and Dates

Erasmus RSM MBA Application Deadlines 2021-2022

Round 1: 09 Feb 2021

Round 2: 06 Apr 2021

Round 3: 08 Jun 2021

Round 4: 03 Aug 2021

Round 5: 05 Oct 2021

Round 6: 02 Nov 2021

The earlier you apply, the better are your chances for making it to the RSM MBA program. The cohort size is small, around 120-130, every year and in the pandemic times, you don’t want to take chances by applying late.

RSM MBA 2022 Intake Essay Question Analysis

Essay 1

At Rotterdam School of Management our mission statement says that, as an institution, we will be a force for positive change in the world. This mission, which is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals put forth by the United Nations General Assembly, drives our thinking and approach to education, business and the world around us. The mission also guides our admissions process, as we look for academically excellent candidates who also share our belief that we can all make a difference in the world. Keeping this thought in mind, please answer ONE of the following questions:

1. Share how you’ve already been a force for positive change in your world. Your example can be large or small, global or local, but must highlight the positive impact you’ve had through your efforts. Tell us your story. (500 words)


2. Discuss how the RSM MBA will prepare you to become a force for positive change, either in your personal or professional life. (500 words)

Optional essay for RSM MBA 2022 Intake

Please feel free to supply any additional information that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee in making the final decision on your application. (50 words maximum)

RSM MBA 2022 Intake Essay Analysis:

The essay question has unchanged from last year and there is a strong reason to it. RSM puts extreme focus on sustainability and the theme is evident across it curriculum and courses. Rotterdam can be considered as a hub of sustainability within Netherlands. There are many enterprises that are doing fabulous work in the sustainability domain that have deep connections with Rotterdam School of Management. RSM MBA program changed its mission to be a ‘Force for Positive Change’ some years ago and the ethos are reflected in this essay as well.

For RSM MBA Essay 1, what matters is the impact that you have made so far or that you want to make in future after RSM MBA. If you have made a positive impact so far in your career, this is your opportunity to showcase it in the essay.

If you feel, you need an MBA to make a positive impact, put in words what does it mean to be an RSM MBA alumni? Remember, you would be spending your 12 months studying alongside 100+ talented, high-potential leaders from over 32 countries rising in their careers. How would you leverage that experience?

RSM MBA has just one mandatory essay requirement so you need to pick your cards well to make an impact on the adcom through your story.

Since it is an optional essay, many candidates worry whether they should write about something they have already done in the essay or talk about how the RSM MBA would help them in their career to make a positive impact.

The answer is simple. If you feel you have made a solid, positive and quantifiable impact that has the potential to make you standout from the applicant pool, then write about it.

If you don’t have a solid, positive and quantifiable story, then going for the second option is a better strategy. It allows you to demonstrate your expectations from the RSM MBA program.

Candidates often present a verbose, high level, broad-based career summary, which is exactly what the adcom absolutely doesn’t want to read. They have access to your resume. They need to know the story behind it. Don’t use the essay space to rehash your career path.

Now it all might look slightly challenging to you. What to write? Which story works well for RSM MBA? How much should I emphasise on my role in the story? What if my expectations from RSM MBA are not in line with the adcom?

Do. Not. Worry.

We have got you covered on the RSM MBA 2022 intake.

Our 100% success rate with RSM MBA admissions is a testimony to our structured admission consulting approach. Coming from a former Full-Time RSM MBA student, we know what clicks with the RSM MBA admissions team.

Do you want to kickstart your RSM MBA journey today? The earlier you apply the better are your chances. Specially in the pandemic season, you just don’t want to delay your application towards the end. Just get in touch with us here, and we will get back to you.

Together we will make your RSM MBA dream come true. That’s a promise.

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