40 Case interview Examples & Questions (2021): LATEST Collection from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Kearney and others

Preparing for case interviews is not an easy task. You need to practice as realistically as possible to mimic the real case study interview at McKinseyBCGBain, and other consulting firms. You can either shoot in the dark, hoping for some luck or be smart and practice real cases provided by consulting firms. The latter approach gives you a flavor of consulting interviews and proves to be more effective.

It is importan that you understand how different firms structure their cases, what is their approach and what decision dimensions are slightly more important the them. In this post, we have done the heavy lifting for you and give you a comprehensive collection of real case interview examples from top consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Kearney, Oliver Wyman and many more.

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McKinsey case interview examples

McKinsey interviews are typically interviewer led (around 85%), which means the interviewer would be guiding you in the interview through the questions. Each McKinsey candidate would undergo 4-6 interviews during 4-8 weeks since appplication. Ideally, if McKinsey likes you, they would give you a call within 14 days from your application. However, in the recent pandemic times, this can vary slightly.

At McKinsey, the first 3 interviews are conducted by Engagement Managers. In the later stages, the interviews are conducted by the more senior Partners or Directors. Every McKinsey interview usually consist of two parts: The PEI/Personal Experience Interview (10 minutes) and the case interview (30-45 minutes). These interviews are held virtually or over phone depending on geographical availability. We have written a detailed article on the McKinsey Case Interview here. We strongly suggest that you read the post.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) case interview examples

BCG uses candidate-led cases where the candidate is expected to drive the case. Candidates need to continuously ask questions to the interviewer to obtain key information or request certain specific data during the 30-minute interview time. The interviewer would ask you “Should our client enter the Indian market” and stop afterwards. The interviewer will no longer take the initiative to speak after asking question, and the interview time will be completely determined by the candidate.

Bain and Company case interview examples

Bain typically use candidate-led cases where the candidate is expected to drive the case. The interviewer would not provide you with prompts for ‘next analysis’ steps in Bain interview. Bain consultants prepare cases themselves and hence they know the case inside out. You get to decide which part of the case you feel is more important than others.

Bain is particularly keen on listening to the “Why Bain?” question and have a tendency to hire people who build a strong connection and network with the current consultants and interviewers. Now is a good time to get on LinkedIn and look for Bain consultants.

Deloitte case interview examples

Kearney case interview examples

LEK case interview examples

Roland Berger case interview examples

Accenture case interview examples

Oliver Wyman case interview examples

OC&C case interview examples

Capital One case interview examples

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