People don’t think like you! Not their fault…

Where do entrepreneurs and most MBA applicants go wrong? When they’re trying to sell their idea, they tend to assume that the people they’re selling think the way they do.

Entrepreneurs always love their beliefs! They believe their idea can change the world. They believe they have the next unicorn in the making. They believe they have what it takes to become the next Amazon (if you like) or Google.

If as an entrepreneur you can show the people the same facts and stories that led you to believe what you believe, then of course they’ll also end up where you are… believing.

MBA applicants think they have the best story in their essays, till it reaches an adcom who junks it within minutes.

Some MBA applicants make the same mistake in their interviews and tell a story that only they believe work well (in their head)

The problem, of course, is that people don’t think like you. Almost always.

When you’re free on a Sunday morning, do a small exercise.

Turn on the TV to watch channels showing people of different political ideologies talking about why they support a political party other than your favorite party.

Note your reaction as you listen to them.

These people are stupid! Right?

They are clueless and don’t know the facts. They can’t conjugate an idea and are just misleading everyone with a false narrative.

They are ideologues. They are just parroting their script from the party-line and don’t even know what they are saying.

Same goes for diehard fans of the other brands or products.

Even true for the ones who are on borderline and end up using your competitors products instead of your “revolutionary life changing solution”.

You know where the problem is, right?

They don’t think like you and have a different worldview than yours.

If they only thought like you, of course, knew what you know, and shared your worldview, then there wouldn’t be a problem.

The challenge doesn’t lie in getting them to know what you know. It won’t help.

The challenge lies in helping them see your idea through their lens, not yours. It is about helping them see your world-view.

If you study political movements across the globe, you can see that this is exactly how it works.

Marketers of successful ideas rarely market the facts.

Instead, they market stories that match the worldview of the people being marketed to. Simple!

If you’re a lazy entrepreneur (I don’t think they exist), you can just spend your time finding out people who share your worldview. That would be comparatively easier.

But every now and then, you’ll have to convince people to buy into your worldview. Be it with investors, customers or team members. Learn to master this art early on.

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Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet is the Founder & CEO at STEPVUE. He is a heady mix of ambition, sarcasm, sports and something more. Ex: GAIL India Limited (Brand Marketing), RSM MBA and DTU
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