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You dream of becoming a well-rounded management executive climbing the corporate ladder or venturing out with your own start-up idea. Great careers don’t just happen. You need to make them happen. And sometimes, when things aren’t going your way, you have to pivot, and pivot hard.

Applying to graduate school and gaining admission to elite MBA programs is not an easy task.  These top MBA programs are highly selective while picking their cohorts. At StepVue we believe in the “power of great story” to help you get there.

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Convincing the Adcom

Can you convince the admission committee that you’re one of the leaders of tomorrow? Can you convince them that you’ll make the world a better place? What have you done so far to make them believe you? This is where StepVue comes in to help you convince the AdCom with your credible personal story.

Setting Yourself Apart

You took your tests, got your scores, and picked your schools. But so did hundreds of other applicants, all vying the same spot at elite MBA programs. How do you set yourself apart? At StepVue we help you to level up your game and present your essays that make a compelling case in your favor.

Clarity of Thoughts

While many of us are great thinkers, we freeze the moment we need to put our thoughts into words. While language may turn out to be a barrier for some, for others clarity of goals proves to be a hindrance. Whatever your situation is, we are here to turn your thoughts into words that unlock the doors of your dream B-School.

Develop the consultant's approach for solving cases

Case interviews are not for the faint-heart. The consulting interview are designed to be arduous and challenging to ensure only the best of the best make the cut. 

What can you do to improve your chances of breaking into this extremely competitive and coveted industry? 

StepVue Case Interview Coaching prepares you for the toughest consulting interviews with the most systematic and structured approach. 

No need to memorize frameworks or force-fit them to case problems. You’ll develop an approach to look at business problems holistically and deliver value both from the consultant and client perspective.

You’ll develop the brainstorming skills that consultants adopt while working with clients to design your own issue trees and frameworks.

Case Interview Coaching for Top-Tier Consulting Firms​

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No Need to Memorize Frameworks

While we would be sharing all the important frameworks with you but you would not need to memorize any of them. Our focused practice approach and detailed feedback ensures that you succeed in case interviews with

Affordable Learning

We don’t charge exorbitant fees for case interview preparation. Unlike all the other case interview coaching services we don’t want you to break the bank for a consulting job. The idea is bridge the gap between quality case-interview coaching and affordability. 

High Quality Practical Cases

Business world is rapidly changing and so are the engagements of consultants. We offer highly relevant cases for all levels of candidates across variety of industries to ensure best case interview practice.

Find Case Resources

You’re not alone in your consulting interview journey. You get access to case resources, practice cases, math drills, and case interview insights as part of StepVue community. You can also find case interview partners on StepVue to connect with candidates from around the world.